Diana was an 8 year member of the Canadian National  Alpine Ski Team and comes from a High Level Sports Background. When she retired she was determined to help other athletes to…"Optimize Their Potential!” On and off the Sports field! She pursued Degrees in Sports Psychology, Exercise Performance, Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Counseling…to create “The Whole Person Approach To Manifesting Our Dreams and Goals!” She embraces the Whole Person…body/mind/spirit and emotions!

Diana is an amazing Motivator, Educator and Communicator and LOVES helping Others! She counsels individually, motivates Sports Teams, travels to Competitions, works with Coaches and Parents, as well as Creating Workshops and Retreats for Specific populations! She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Denver and teaches “Stress Management” to the MBA students in the Daniels School of Business, in Denver, Colorado! She is passionate about what she does….

With 30 years of experience …she listens and speaks from Her Heart…and there is no one more authentic and real…than Diana…
She has been an elite athlete, married to a Professional Athlete, her daughter went to Cal Berkeley on a Soccer Scholarship…and she has been an Olympic and Paralympic Sports Psychologist! She works with all ages and all sports and anyone interested in “Optimizing Their Potential!”

But her greatest passion is being "Nanna Banana" to 4 adorable Grand Children and her 2 Daughters!